Now Mastering is Free?

Mastering, that mysterious final step of the audio production process, is now available for free! Check out the automatic mastering service LANDR. You can upload an MP3 file and they’ll let you preview your automatically mastered track in just a minute or so. Then you can choose the amount of the effect you desire and get a link to the mastered file to download. Based on years of academic research, the service is meant to work optimally for whatever track you upload. It may never replace an actual mastering engineer, but it’s worth a shot for $0. Comment below if you try it out, and let us hear the before and after versions!

2 thoughts on “Now Mastering is Free?

  • Firstly, the fact that they accept MP3’s is laughable. Secondly, to apply an algorithm to every individual track without consideration for the nuances of the individual song, genre and artist intention and return a ‘mastered’ product within minutes is an insult to the musician who crafted the song in the first place. But maybe we’ve got to question the very integrity of the ‘artist’ in the first place.

    • Hi, Morgan! Thanks for weighing in! LANDR does offer the ability to master higher-quality tracks if you pay a subscription, and evidently some people find it helpful on tight deadlines or just as a fresh perspective, as here. The engineer being interviewed claims LANDR can act as a “fresh voice in the studio,” probably like listening on a different set of speakers can give you a new perspective on mixing. It seems, however, that mastering engineers like yourself will be in business for some time to come. Computers haven’t taken over music composition yet, so there’s little chance they can take over the mixing/mastering side of the art form either. Here‘s an example of one engineer who agrees with you, along with his experiment with LANDR.

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