10 Reasons Why Every Artist Needs a Genre

For many artists “genre” is a four-letter word. That’s not because right brains have difficulty with math – it’s because right brains defy being categorized. “You can’t put me in a box,” we say. We hate being lumped in with other people, unfairly oversimplified, misunderstood, and prejudged. We want people to give us a fighting Read more about 10 Reasons Why Every Artist Needs a Genre[…]

Ice Land

Driving, pulsing, building…this hybrid orchestral track makes me think of flying over an iceberg-spotted ocean toward the looming majesty of snow-topped mountains, not unlike the glacier lagoon and mountains in this photo from Iceland. (photo likely from Jökulsárlón, Iceland–credit unknown)


Like a walk through Chinatown, this track is a mish-mash of cultures. The punky, big-city street feel of the synth and drums, the TV gumshoe feel of the electric keys, the traditional sounds of guzheng (Chinese dulcimer), erhu (Chinese violin), xiao and dizi (Chinese flutes)…then suddenly things get a bit more intense–fireworks for New Year’s! Read more about Chinatown[…]