“Fog of War” Release

I was given Soundiron’s Twine Bass library for Christmas and wanted to give it a test. Soundiron does a great job of sampling unique, custom-built instruments, played in as many ways as they can invent. In the library they provide some very nice pads, which they have constructed from sampling a bass instrument with twine strings. One of these pads formed the foundation of this new piece. I love having a huge, ethereal pad as the root for exotic solo melodies (like electric cello), and I really enjoyed using this one in a foray into the world of atmospheres and ambient music.

“Fog of War” reminds me of the confusion and sorrow of a lone soldier in a battlefield far from home, the resigned one-foot-after-another attitude he takes toward persevering, and the hopes and dreams he carries (and others carry for him) for peace.

(image modified from National Archives)

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