“I’m Inside” Release

So, summer is here, which means more time to write music. My goal is now to write and produce one piece a week, so keep checking back for updates. Here’s the first, one of my first ventures into the Drum & Bass genre. It reminds me of a spy breaking into an office building with a phone ringing and an unintelligible radio or phone conversation.

The phone ringing is actually a synth sound that I accidentally (i.e., miraculously) discovered while trying to get a different kind of phone sound out of Native Instruments’ Massive. Anyone into signal processing, feel free to ask for details on the recipe…I still don’t understand why it works mathematically. The call and response with the phone sounds are not entirely unlike the “Street Sweeper” track from SimCity 4. Guess who is a SimCity buff! (Okay, so that piece happens to have an upbeat drum sample too…I can’t help it that it was in my subconscious!)

Let me know what you think, especially what can improve! I encourage any and all feedback! Thanks for listening!

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