Proton (Proton Trilogy Part I)

You’re staring out the open side of a helicopter as it flies over twilit desolation. The only lights you see come from the dimming sky ahead and scattered fires below. You’ve never seen anything so completely and utterly destroyed. You know what you have to do, but you can’t think about what lies ahead. Enjoy[…]

Hybrid Mists (aka With The End In Sight)

Starting out like a morning mist far from home, this piece staggers along then falls into a hopeful but laid-back groove as renewed purpose floods over our protagonist like sunshine. It’s a long journey to the end. The end of what, exactly? The world? This one features strings, drums, bass, guitar, and glass marimba and[…]

Upbeat Folk

Well, I didn’t place in the 8Dio 2015 Stand Out Contest with my last post, but here’s the latest from the studio. This carefree track reminds me of a bluesy beach party or casual road trip. Enjoy, and merry Christmas and happy New Year! (image modified from Pixabay)

The Horde Is Angry

You’re on trial before a horde of futuristic barbarians, beating their spears on the ground, clamoring for your death sentence, when you and your co-conspirator see your chance amid the chaos: You make a break for it. Alarms are ringing. The barbarians (or is it the beasts they ride?) are howling after you. You run[…]

“Night Chase” Release

Starting with a high-pressure rhythmic berimbau (a string and gourd instrument that directs Brazilian martial artists), Night Chase is an intense, percussion-driven score that could easily accompany the chase scene of an action flick. Imagine Jason Bourne running through the streets of a city at night, trying desperately to outwit his assassins. I was given[…]

“Village Life” Release

A rhythmically propelled track with an African feel that starts out with sounds of village life and a kalimba (thumb piano), then gains momentum and power with piano, bass, marimba, kora (African stringed instrument), and strings. A thunderstorm rolls in, challenging the locals to stay dry, and a ney (Persian flute) solo and vocals round[…]