“Giant Robot Flees Thunderstorm” Release

Last week’s musical addition is like the soundtrack to an epic action movie, evoking images such as the title describes. This is one of my first ventures into the heavy metal feel that pervades today’s action scores and into the hybrid orchestra score that combines elements of rock and classical genres. Enjoy! If you liked Read more about “Giant Robot Flees Thunderstorm” Release[…]

“Liftoff” Now for Sale

“Liftoff (Apollo 11 Version)” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and Loudr. For those curious, I get the biggest commission from sales on Loudr, but feel free to find it on your favorite music platform! Thanks in advance! Enjoy! Oh, and you can also check it out on YouTube here!

Free Rises from Output

In December we told you about the free loops available for download from Output, maker of the new synthesizer software called REV. Now they’re offering free rises for download, packaged as WAV files, perfect for those power-packed transitions in your compositions. Check out their video below, and download the free rises here!

Night Travels

A first collaboration with singer/guitarist/drummer/friend Brian Graybill, this track builds on an idea of his with piano accompaniment, synth background, power toms, and string plucks. Thanks, Brian! Lead/rhythm guitar, toms – Brian Graybill Piano, synth, strings – Josiah Bryan