CF 40th Anniversary Soundtrack

My latest completed project to work on was the 40th anniversary video for Christian Fellowship Church.  This was a fun project that included getting to record my friend, Danny Lau, on sax for the “2010s” and “Outro” tracks.  It also happens to be the longest use of my music in a video to date (thanks, Danny Brugmann!).  You can listen to the soundtrack in the playlist above, or you can watch the actual video below.  The video is broken up into decades, each with its own theme.  It’s a little different than the epic-style trailer music I’ve been working on lately, but I figured that wouldn’t exactly do for this story.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but include some intense orchestral parts, and some African influences to celebrate the refugee population that has joined our church in the past couple decades.  Enjoy!  And feel free to comment!

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