Latest Track (Remix of Dark Knight Rises)

Written for a friend who’s involved in anti-human-trafficking efforts (and who loves the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack…who doesn’t?), this dance remix samples from “Imagine the Fire” and “Rise.” Bruce Wayne tried to protect the weak and release the captives, but he (like us all) was slave to his own weaknesses and couldn’t finish the job. But there was a slave-freer that wasn’t a slave himself, one who took our slavery on himself to set us free. This track hearkens back to the calling of that ultimate slave-freer and reminds us of the role we have to follow in his footsteps.

A nod to Hans Zimmer for such a great soundtrack.
(The copyrighted samples used in this track are meant to be used under Fair Use provisions only. Please notify me if you feel this does not constitute fair use. Thanks!)

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