Tritium (Proton Trilogy Part III)

You and what’s left of your team are following the trail of destruction left behind whatever attacked you, hoping to find its home and maybe figure out a way to stop its rampage. You discover a long corridor burrowing into a hillside, dimly lit with glowing tubes. You walk deeper and deeper underground until you turn a corner and find yourself on a precipice. Your jaw drops open… An entire underground city sprawls before you, spreading from rim to rim of an enormous cavern. Giant metal insects (it’s impossible to tell if they are organisms or machines) fly back and forth among thousands of hive-like buildings and hundreds of tunnels leading out of the cavern in every direction. Somehow you happened to stumble upon the main alien colony injected (by whom?)beneath what was (until lately) a burgeoning earthly metropolis. How long has it been here? Has it been dormant or was it just recently built? Are these the aliens themselves or a prepackaged set of robots clearing their path?

No time to ask those questions now. You have work to do. You tremble all over with the sense that you were destined to be here. That’s comforting, but it’s still going to be difficult. You have to get to the central power source, a brilliantly lit orb in the middle of the hive colony, filled with the same stuff that’s in those glowing tubes along the tunnels. Shut the core down (the destiny thought in your head tells you) and the colony will collapse. Will you get out in time? You have to wait and see….

Thanks for listening to Tritium, the third and final part of the Proton Trilogy! I hope you enjoyed the journey! I’m sorry it took so long to get here, but the last few months have been crazy busy, including moving the studio to an exciting new location in Columbia, Missouri! Stay tuned for more music, and comment or message/e-mail with ideas for what you want to hear next!

Enjoy the first and second installments of the Proton Trilogy!

(image modified from Justin at CPF Marketplace)

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